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Btw, after reading the blog I realized there is nothing new in VB. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath. This, in the end, is what was done. Fast forward to today… the ability to support init properties in is another example of language change without actually changing the language.

NET Framework to. NET to get it closer to C and thus improve programmer productivity. In C one could do something like:. Another area, and related to pattern matching above is the Case statement in VB as compared to the improvements since C 7.

Python is so much more concise than VB. And despite. NET with being a Windows-only language. Am I the only one who thinks ligatures in source code are the next tabs vs spaces? From the description above, it sounds like they are disabled by default, but they do seem to be creeping into many other coding and text tools recently….

But with standard monitor my eyes are bleeding from this font. I had to experiment with the weight for Cascadia to get it happy on my different monitors. It has a bunch of different weights how thick the letters are. The most important is that with the Consolas we see more lines than the Cascadia. This is good stuff. I was worried a few years back about MS announcement about VB.

If MS keeps VB working on the latest. I feel much better about VB after seeing it work with. There are many reasons to make the leap to. NET 6! As someone who has been working with the first versions of. NET Core into. NET Core to today. I, for one, am all in on VB and. This seems to be a C feature. I remember, many version ago, VS had this feature for VB.

Is there any plan to bring this feature back to VB. Without bringing over L2S to. Net framework 4. What is the reason to pull over bad old Windows Forms to. NET6 but not more modern technologies that are simple and efficient? Now VB. Net uses that. But also now, VB is the poor parent of. Everything goes for C and the new F.

I and many developers liked that. Now it is finished. Microsoft betrayed these words. It will be true if VB implements all news inside C. It is not the case, you put a single coat of paint. Under the F post, there are almost no reactions. It is a nerd language, which is upheld by MSFT for the coolness factor, while VB is still big in the not-so-cool business world.

I wonder, if MSFT simply added a compiler switch to C , removing the need for all those unneeded, ugly curly braces, some minor tweaks to camel casing keywords, naming the result B I know, that ship has sailed , if the result would not be better for the community and the platform as a whole. Code would almost exactly look like Python. Having done some live coding with an audience, you I seldomly mistype in VB, while C behaves like a crooked witch.

That said, we need some minor language improvements, and I think adding the ability to level the extensions story and the ability to add operators would be high on my list. But then, the platform has other problems than adding vanity features to languages. No true generic 2D graphics model, no generic interface to describe, what an image is so that we can connect libs without hardcoding for Skia or ImageSharp , no PDF support, no SVG support.

You simply cannot leave this to the community, while Java has all this Apache Foundation stuff. Possibly, we should just be able to load PDFbox into a. NET process? Aw yes, and ASP. NET is really good. But it is also slowly coming back full circle. If you compare minimal API with. Yes, platform independence is valuable and cherished.

Same goes for the huge performance increases. I still wonder, if the path chosen to get to this point was the best, ie most efficient and lenient way to achieve it. I start my programming life since VB6 on , and start. NET 1. Had been use VB. NET until. NET 3. Back to early of , I still remember many peoples hype about C is Java-Bracket syntax and What Java can do and C can do it too , and also some wrong statement said C is more powerful than VB.

Maybe if MS had modernized VB. MS products also generate a lot of confusion, they are not good at creating new names, which makes the search confusing. There is also the problem with the documentation that the code is mostly in C , converting C code to VB and F is not a transparent and respectful attitude towards the VB and F developer.

What I really want is that in the near future VB can act in web and mobile development, for me the VB world is big enough and it cannot be left out of these technologies. Feel free to reach out to me on github or twitter DualBrain if you have interest in following along or possibly contributing. The only other option would be tuple destructuring where you can pull out just the variables you want and ignore the rest.

Either that, or I need to write a program that will create overloads of a single function containing a cartesian product of all possible optional parameter combinations. VB is still the king when it comes to needing optional information from a function. Every other language allows it to some extent except C. While I think an out parameter and an overload can pretty much replace an Optional ByRef , I also think that is a very questionable construct in VB.

NET Meetup Events. Web apps with ASP. NET Core. Mobile apps with Xamarin. Microservices with Docker Containers. Modernizing existing. NET apps to the cloud. Read next Announcing.

NET 6 — The Fastest. NET Yet. NET 6 is now available. It is easier to use, runs faster, and has many new features. Richard Lander November 8, NET November Updates — 5. NET November Updates. These updates contains reliability and other improvements. See the individual release notes for details on Sanket Kalaskar November 8, VS is a product of hard work indeed. Good Job VS Team! Off to install VS, until now I had no reason to go there. Thank you! C is now at the version 10, F at the version 6, what is the new version of VB?

Best regards,. It is sad to see that MS missed the mark in their strategy. After VB. Relevant Links. NET Download. A Visual Studio add-in, located under the Tools menu.

The Process Template Editor provides a graphical user interface for customizing work items field, workflow and the form and process templates. It will not be supported on Win10 with Express for Windows. Storyboard Shapes. This tool enables you to create shapes for the PowerPoint storyboarding add-in with custom resize logic. Team Explorer Enhancements. This tool provides additional Visual Studio menu options and functions to support finding files under version control by status or wildcard, opening a folder using File Explorer from the Source Control Explorer context menu, and labeling files and folders in Source Control Explorer.

Clone builds definitions easily and copy work item paths. Collaborate and share with your teammates within Visual Studio using the Team Members page in the Team Explorer tool window. You can communicate with your team through instant messaging, share queries and components, create workspace templates, and track your sprint progress. Note : Some of the enhancements such as the clone build definition only work when its pane is docked.

If you have undocked it and became its own tool window , first dock it into Team Explorer. You can safely undock the pane again when you have completed the command.

Some commands invoke a graphical user interface when run. Run tfpt. Add or move portal for an existing team project. Add or overwrite reports for an existing team project. Display line-by-line change information for a file. Convert, reparent, list, and update branches. Clone, Diff or Dump build definitions. Manage build process templates. Modifies Team Explorer client connection settings. Create a team project. Get only the changes in a particular changeset.

Pend adds, edits, deletes to writable files. Query for work items. Ensure source control and the local disk are identical.

Search for changesets matching specific criteria. Delete files and folders not under version control. Unshelve into workspace with pending changes. Undo changes to unchanged files in the workspace. Create, update, or view work items. Test Attachment Cleaner. The execution of a Test Run whether automated or manual generates a bunch of diagnostic data, which may be captured either automatically by the system or manually by the tester. In Visual Studio , the database administrator has little or no control over what data gets attached as part of Test Runs.

For example, she has no policy settings to limit the size of the data capture, or how long to hold the data before initiating a cleanup. This tool addresses these issues by:. Determining which set of diagnostic captures is taking up how much space AND. Reclaiming the space for runs which are no longer relevant from business perspective. Windows PowerShell Cmdlets. This tool provides a Windows PowerShell interface that supports basic version control commands and a pipeline and glue to enable scripting.

Windows Shell Extensions. This tool provides integration with Windows Explorer and the common file dialogs. With this integration, you can perform many source control operations without having to run Visual Studio or a Team Foundation command-line tool. Work Item Templates. Use this tool to create new work items with default values, or to easily apply values to existing work items.


Microsoft visual studio 2015 visual basic free. Visual Studio Express

Visual Studio Community – Free IDE and Developer Tools T Visual Studio Community. Visual Basic, F#, C++, HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and more. Use Git as the default source control experience in Visual Studio right out of the box. From the new Git menu, you can create or clone repositories from. For the PowerTools, this would be Visual Studio , Visual Studio , Visual Studio and Visual Studio · “Any server version:” Any server that is compatible (and supported) against the same version of Visual Studio as the PowerTools you are looking at will be able to integrate with those PowerTools. For the Visual Studio Code, also commonly referred to as VS Code, is a source-code editor made by Microsoft for Windows, Linux and macOS. Features include support for debugging, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets, code refactoring, and embedded can change the theme, keyboard shortcuts, preferences, and install extensions that add additional .


Microsoft visual studio 2015 visual basic free

A standalone source code editor that runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux. The top pick for Java and web developers, with tons of extensions to support just about. Download Visual Studio Community for a fully-featured and extensible IDE; An updated alternative to Visual Studio Express.


Install Visual Studio | Microsoft Docs.Download Visual Studio Tools – Install Free for Windows, Mac, Linux


Microsoft Free. User rating User Rating 8. There are also many versions available in the market that come with different operating systems. We don’t have any change log information yet for version Sometimes publishers take a little while to make this information available, so please check back in a few days to see if it has been updated.

If you have any changelog info you can share with us, we’d love to hear from you! Head over to our Contact page and let us know.

These installs are critic. Developed by FindYourTools, this handy program offers various auto-clicking settings to su.

It enables developers to create more efficient and effective programs. There are a lot of featur. Microsoft Visual Basic is used to develop and compile Windows applications. All files stored in the program can be exported as an executable file. Its features are displayed on a plain and organized i. Syncplay is a really useful tool that allows people to enjoy a shared viewing experience no matter where they are in relation to each other. You and your friends can watch anime, movies, TV shows and.

It presents a feature-rich environment, tools for writing and debugging, as well as a compiler to provide you w. Download Latest Version for Windows. Download Latest Version for Free. RecoveryTools Excel to vCard Converter. Syncplay Syncplay is a really useful tool that allows people to enjoy a shared viewing experience no matter where they are in relation to each other.

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