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Filemaker pro 14 keeps crashing free download.Updates and release notes

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Filemaker pro 14 keeps crashing free download.filemaker pro 14.0.1

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This topic is crzshing old. Please don’t post here. Open a new topic instead. I am constantly getting a “file damaged” from filemaker on databases. It’s on a couple of databases I work on downlosd some from previous versions, others brand new. Some complex, some not. I get it atleast once a day sownload have to be sure to close the file often as it doesn’t necessarily automatically save my layout changes if I go into browse mode. This morning after I had finished sending the resulting report in pdf, it tells me it’s damaged.

Upon opening the kdeps, every record downlooad a? I upgraded to 11 yesterday in the hope that perhaps it was more stable in Win7, but no sownload : Don’t tell me I’m going to have to permanently develop in XP Virtual : I am running Filemaker as administrator dkwnload with compatibility filemaker pro 14 keeps crashing free download on.

I can’t see anything for this most recent “damage” in the the latest java for 10 viewer, but one from yesterday is:. Am awaiting a callback from FMAus have priority technical support contract but just wondering in the meantime if anyone else has had this issue. Lost feee changes to the layout even though it had been in browse mode for a while. This time me just clicking on a script damaged it. I don’t have an answer, but I have a similar problem.

It was also damaged in the same way. I had once some memory installed, which in my case only occurred when a fair amount of memory was required.

It had an infective and damaging impact on filemaker file integrity. Please describe details of your setup, including particularly where these files are located.

Also describe whether you free system level file sharing turned on and what your energy saver setting are. The files must only be on a prp drive; or on FileMaker Server. A friend of mine tells a story of routers that regularly kept dropping their configs.

They were in regional NSW ie, middle of nowhere and как сообщается здесь them was expensive. Hardware swap-outs were done to no effect. The only pattern was that the problems occurred those nights the cleaner was in. Turns out they had an electric kettle to make themselves a cup of tea, and plugged filsmaker into the same circuit as the router.

I came to think of what scenario is the most likely to corrupt a solution, concurrent OS filesharing with the fmnet protokol comes to mind immediately as Bruce actually say in his post as well. I can’t begin to tell you how many hours I’ve spent rebuilding the solution from scratch. Since I have no idea how far back the potential of corruption exists in the file best practice is to rebuild it from scratch. The only consistent “trigger” I noticed was that all the crashes happened while I was посмотреть еще Layout mode and occurred just as I clicked the slider to scroll down the screen.

I am also using FMP 11 advanced on Windows 7 32 bit, mind you. My file has crashed unexpectedly in layout mode twice now. Both times the files were critically damaged and unable to be restored. So frustrating. My database is rather small, and so far the only filemaker pro 14 keeps crashing free download I am getting are that Перейти на источник should have backed up more, exported to excel, made clones, saved condensed copies, etc.

I sure hope they figure this out. Because I cannot keep doing this over and filemaker pro 14 keeps crashing free download again. Keels of all, Filemaker pro 14 keeps crashing free download not a Windows person, so if there is a problem directly related to Win 7 and crsahing filemaker pro 14 keeps crashing free download, etc. What’s on your layout. From your description, I got the impression that you have graphics on it. Sometimes Graphics can get corrupted and cause this problem.

Keep in mind that Using FMP cradhing and Windows 7 is “state of the art”, so you may have hit on a genuine “bug”. I do have downlpad on the Form View. This is how our end user will be viewing the information. Filemaker pro 14 keeps crashing free download was filemaker pro 14 keeps crashing free download aware of a “grouping” bug and have ungrouped all of the items in the layout. I’ve also included a screenshot of our layout. Basically, I just want to know where to go from here.

Is anything I have usable? What can I do to prevent this from occuring again? I didn’t use a scrap of what we had originally. The second time, the crash occurred in an almost identical manner: while importing a small image in layout mode, the program began to “think” and then closed itself.

Upon reopening the filemaker pro 14 keeps crashing free download, it stated the file was closed improperly. The program scanned the file, and said it was critically damaged. Its just that I’ve gone OVER and OVER what I could possibly be doing that would make the program spontaneously freeze on certain days when it works perfectly in the same fashion for weeks beforehand.

I’m super stumped. Try Windows XP, or a Crashig, if you can. Then, when the client crashes, there filemaker pro 14 keeps crashing free download a better chance the hosted file will be dkwnload. This may not be relevant, but Cilemaker had problems with random doqnload when the file was hosted on another machine by a Filemaker client. The file was also available on a shared volume. By some mischance, I had managed to set up a connection to the hosted file and also to the shared file concurrently.

This isn’t a good idea. Lisa stated that this is a single user environment, and IMO as long as her machine meets or exceeds the standards for windows 7, I don’t understand why she would need to go backwards in operating system. Is that even possible? Assuming that your machine meets the recommended specifications that I posted in my Reply to Greg, then I suspect it’s graphic related. Either the layout object came with problems or it has something to with displaying it. Why not attach a copy of your file to a Reply so we can test it in different environments to see if we figure this out.

Greg- All of our computers are running Windows 7. We don’t have читать to another OS. Also, I’m trying to eliminate the crashing, not make it a few steps easier to recover through random, periodic crashes.

Lee- Thank you. The file is MB, the layout view downloa size says it’s x px, but it appears much crashng than that. When you say the layout object might have problems, do you mean the template, the graphics, or the images I inputted? I have included a link to download filemaker pro 14 keeps crashing free download copy of our file. It was far too large to attach. Let me know what you think. We are looking to get some answers about our options moving forward and how we can prevent this from happening again this week.

Did you create it, or download it from site? Do you have access to PhotoShop? Is so, have you tried to cleaned proo up? A few versions back I was able to create brand new FM file with absolutely nothing in it, make a filemaker pro 14 keeps crashing free download 1px x 1px line using the native FM line tool, and whenever I moused over the tiny line, FM would crash. I could do this on a couple different XP computers but not all.

I suspect it was graphics card related but never was able to confirm that notion. The bottom line is that I have seen FM act strangely in the past with filemaker pro 14 keeps crashing free download even created with crashiny own tools so that large image may indeed be the problem. I have been developing FileMaker since v2. Ссылка на страницу am currently in direct contact with FileMaker who are not being the most responsive – we will only learn there is a problem when they have filemaker pro 14 keeps crashing free download update.

Sorry FileMaker but I am reverting to FMP10 and will not be upgrading any of my customers about users until testing of the next update resolves what seems to be a serious problem. Where did you get a frree image that big? Was it scanned in? Big Images filmaker FM only work well if they have been reduced to screen resolution.

My database in part creates a Phone Extension Index of our for each of our offices, on top of a big desktop crwshing image [ xxx ]. But the images were reduced to a screen resolution of 72dpi before using in FM, so the rownload remains under 15Mb. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It’s easy! Already have an account?

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Filemaker pro 14 keeps crashing free download


We had one yesterday when deleting 2 million records. In this case all the records were deleted and the crash seems to happen at the completion of the script. However we have had other crashes that were mid delete. We had a different crash yesterday when running a function in our application that runs a batch of statements – in this case approx Each statement processes a lot of data, does calculations, and then creates a csv and excel report.

We have a batch script that runs all the reports and it can run for many hours. Sometimes the entire batch runs and sometimes it crashes mid-statement. Please note our servers are hosted on Azure, are very large with plenty of cpu, memory, and high speed virtual disks. Finally, we tried to use FM Server 18 but we were getting Server crashes and large data operations so we rolled back to FM Server crashes are a disaster for us because we have very large fm files and the recovery process takes a long time.

At this point we can’t risk using FM In any case, I don’t think the fixes referenced above fix the crash issues we are experiencing. Attach the most recent crash report Mac or dump file Windows to a reply by clicking on the paper clip icon. This will give me an idea where in FileMaker the crash is occurring. If you don’t want to attach the file publicly, click on my name and send me a private message with the attached file.

Although this sounds like an FM-internal issue bug , and hopefully FM will respond to this thread and ask for a copy of your file so they can test, but there are a few things I would check. Also, see the link to a possible solution below.

Does the import fail at the same place? I’d check the table and see the last record imported. Then, check the CSV to make sure nothing’s hokey there.

Shouldn’t make an import crash, but still. That would definitely stop the import. Check memory. You probably have 16 or 32 gig RAM machines, but it would be interesting to see if machines configured differently, got further in the import.

I did see this other posting for the c exception code you might want to check out:. I can send the file without data but with data, the Filemaker database is 19GB. The error closing of Filemaker happens at different records. It does usually happen after 1GB or 2 million rows has been imported.

The computer that tends to get the furthest with the import has Windows Home Server installed on it and I do realize this is not supported. All other computers have Windows 7 with SP1 – none have the same updates applied so I do not think it is a bad Microsoft bug.

I’m wondering if I will see a difference if I uninstall Advanced and stick with Pro. I do not edit the database layout – I only add records and edit them. I bet this has happened at least 20 different time on several different FM versions. The computer that has the SATA drive is the only one that has ever generated an error. The computers with SSD just close out. All SSD’s are different. Everything about each machine is different. Maybe in 2 pieces, if the import fails, split into another Can You have the TaskManager running while importing?

Yes, if I split the file, I usually have success if it is less than MB or less than 1Million records. I can do that but it is very time consuming as I have to split into at least 15 files and be at the computer to start each file. On top of that, I have to make a copy of the DB after each successful import in case the next one crashes so that I do not have to start from the beginning — lesson learned.

That said, this option does work but it would be best if I could find the problem that is causing larger imports to make FM crash. Going to uninstall v14 and install v13 on a machine and see if that works. If so, I’ll pay you for your time. Did you check out the link I included that describes the c exception? Also, if you use Windows computers, maybe try a Mac FileMaker version too. Although all the tips presented here are fine and good, you shouldn’t have to resort to special tricks or third-party utilities.

If this were me, I would contact FileMaker as it’s most likely a bug in the product based on what I am hearing. I use the Mac version of 14 Pro Adv. I sent you a private message with a request for your file.

Please include the table name I’ll need to import data to. I do not have a Mac to test on. Within 3 hours, FileMaker had closed or locked up on three of the computers.

On the fourth computer, I uninstalled v14 and installed v So far it has been importing successfully for 17 hours. I’m not sure if v13 is slower because I could not find the x64 version or what, but it is super slow. At this rate, it will be another 3. FileMaker Tech Support, in my experience, is excellent. I wish FM would come out with more frequent updates, and even add a few new sorely missing features in point releases, but overall, I have only good things to say about them and have had good experiences.

It’s not cool that 14 doesn’t work as well as 13 and I’m sure FM isn’t happy about that, either. Hope you and FM get to the bottom of this issue soon.

The good news is that it did not crash so I can find where it left off and resume. It’s the first time I’ve seen it say import is complete even though it isn’t. Usually if I see their message, it really did complete. So far I have imported 3 files without any issues. In the past, this approach was fine. The problem is if the data is over 1M rows or over a certain size which I have yet to pinpoint. Without a doubt, v13 is operating much differently stable than v Maybe because it is bit?

FMv14 x32 and x64 both cause import issues. I’d have thought that FM would have But to be fair, I see bugs in other expensive programs I can’t believe are there. It seems to me that software quality has not gotten better over the years. With all the rush almost every company does to “add cool new features”, companies don’t seem to spend enough time on basic usability or code stability , etc.

In any case hopefully, they’ll get you all fixed up since version 13 “completing”, but not importing all the records, IMHO, isn’t much better than crashing. In fact, if you weren’t paying as close attention and had all the import issues to begin with, it’s possible you may not have noticed the missing records not imported — causing you some type of business problem. Since this sounds like a mission critical task you’re doing, you also might want to call FM’s main number and raise the issue verbally, not just here on the forum.

I agree that if I wasn’t watching my data closely, I could think the import was complete and miss out on a lot of records. Hopefully both PC’s will finish the one with v13 and a 5. That will allow me to ensure that I have everything. Is this the “Official” response from FileMaker regarding this issue? I have to think that there are many others importing files larger than 1GB We’ve found that when importing up to about a gigabyte and half or around one million records worth of data FileMaker Pro tends to not function as we expect.

For this reason, we recommend importing less than that amount when performing any type of import. So what I recommend is to import about one gigabyte of data in CSV format into the database as this should import perfectly fine. FileMaker, Inc. Well, at least that’s a Not at all what I expected.

The way I read that response is that they dropped the hot potato right back in your lap and want you to do the extra work splitting up the files since FMP doesn’t appear to be up to the task. It’s stuff like that that keeps me from taking FMP too seriously and why I only use it for small personal projects where it’s really good — no stress, not many records, no real edge cases, few short scripts, etc.

Now, had they given technical reasons why you needed to do that which made sense, that, at least in my mind, would be a bit more palatable. I mean seriously, why would a program abort on reading a text file? The text file is already If it were me, I’d decide it’s time to move on and consider the other alternatives in this thread to get the job done and We are still working with your files and possible work arounds.

I am sending your files to Testing and Development for review. I will respond here once further information is available. For what it’s worth, I created a 10,, record text file about 8 fields and imported it into FMP 14 Pro Advanced on the mac in about 8 minutes with no issues.

All records were there. I didn’t try to do any “Finds” or anything that would create huge indexes. The source text file was so large that TextWrangler the free text editor had problems with it giving me memory errors. That is impressive. I have about 40 fields but not all records have all fields. On average, most will have about 15 fields of data. Did you import into my database? Or some other database?

Try it with mine and see how it goes. Map fields randomly if needed. In that context, is the import of such a large dataset a recurring task? No, I didn’t use your data since it’s private. Instead, I created a test CSV file. This morning, I created a larger CSV with 10 fields. Since text editors seem to have lots of trouble with files this large, I wrote a quick Java program to generate 50,, 50 Million rows. It was an 8. It only took the Java program 20 seconds to create this huge file.

And, it only took 50 minutes. I would imagine doing any finds, at least the first time, would probably take that long as well to build each index. During the import I was surfing, checking email, and even doing stuff over a VPN connection to help another customer. In any case, the only bug I found was a display bug see below. Apparently, FM didn’t test with files this big as they didn’t allow enough room for files this large similar to the non-resizable Field Picker “design” where you’re basically forced to use small field names or you can’t tell what you’re If you post a representative row of your data here, and let me know how may rows are actually in your table, I’ll do this once more.

Hopefully, the FM folks will get back to you soon, however. You could script a partial import of xxx records using this idea. Create a loop to handle the record selection and an error handler to exit loop if you can’t save the file. This will let you import say 10, records and save a copy with a timestamp so you can start with the last valid copy. Adding a Flush Cache after the import should clear the memory and may help.

FileMaker and other dbs save a lot of data to memory and then flush it to disk in a hurry and the issue of virtual memory, etc. Attached is an Excel file that has columns for each field I am uploading. It would be best if you used the data I sent you.

It does not contain any private data – just business information, addresses, etc. Also, using the DB I sent will give you a more realistic idea of what is going on.

All of that said, you may not have the same issues since you are running Mac and I only have Windows 7. I will not be importing data like this very often. Just a few times initially and after that, it will be smaller imports. The only issue it had was when it said it was finished – that happened once. After hours, the database is only 7GB.

Once fully complete, it will be 19GB. That said, it is VERY slow. It’s not my fastest machine but its the one I happen to put v13 on for this test. Slow and steady win the race??? It’s very time consuming as it takes 1. So the only way to get to done ASAP is to constantly be able to start the next file. It works, but I do not think that is how it is designed.

Thanks everyone. Hopefully someone will find the root cause of this issue. Header Template. Interesting thread and I’ll be watching for FMI’s response. The way data travels here and there, this could be a real deal killer for some developers. Right, I imported my 50,, row sample 8. No issues. If you can post your Excel sheet with just one row of data, I’ll duplicate it as many times as necessary to equal your total number of rows. Tell me how many total rows you have all files combined that failed.

The “actual data” shouldn’t matter as long as the fields match and there’s at least one representative row. My CSV with all records is 5. Thank you for your continued help.

I do appreciate it. Sorry if I haven’t been clear on this request, but please include one representative row of data. I’ll run it through my Java program and quickly create 16M rows — all of the same row this would take about 10 seconds to generate given your CSV row.

Before I do this last import, I want to really make sure I have something close to what you’re using. You could just post a single row CSV and I could use that. I don’t think it matters if the field names are f1, f2, Please sanitize that one row of data for privacy or whatever before you post it. Our Development and Testing departments are aware of this limitation. The current workaround is to break the large file into smaller files that are less than 4 GB in size.

I have attached this thread to the original report. When more information becomes available, I will post again. The problem is that I cannot import over 1M rows about MB without Filemaker crashing or locking up. I wish I could import 1, 2, or even 3GB at once. I apologize for not posting more information in my last post.

Your files are still being investigated by Testing. At this time, there is no update, but when more information becomes available, I will let you know. I could not find information regarding such a limitation in the import script step documentation.

Where do I need to look? What actions were being done just prior to the crash? Please let me know when you find out the version of macOS the client is using. Since the customer is also on a Mac, a crash report would also be helpful. I wasn’t in front of the computer when the crash happened, but the user told me they were entering a number into the quantity field on a PO, which is in a scrolling portal. Both reports of crashes from users seem to involve layouts that have portals on them.

The portal has several fields. Two fields have a button assigned. One field has a calculation for placeholder text, and two fields have calculated tooltip text. Since three customers now are crashing with FileMaker Pro When I receive any feedback, I will let you know.

In the mean time, please continue to update me with any further crashes, and any actions the clients have taken just prior to the crash. Thanks for spending time of this.

Please could you post a link to download a full install. Until this is resolved up I am advising customer having this issue to go back to that version. Our Testing department is able to reproduce the crash, as it appears to be a scrolling issue under macOS High Sierra All information has been sent to Development.

I will update you as more information becomes available. I am working with others to make available the FileMaker Pro Has anyone confirmed this happens with all scrolling? Several of my customers have also reported this crashing, approximately 2 to 5 times per day.

It has only occurred with FileMaker Pro I have not been able to reproduce the issue using FileMaker Pro “Advanced” as yet, but I can reproduce the issue on another work station using FileMaker Pro The crashes appear to occur at random times, not consistently after specific actions.

I have attached two crash reports that occurred about an hour apart on the same machine. Both of these crashes occurred while part way through typing in a field in Find mode.

The field had auto-complete turned on for a value list based on existing values in that field. The crashing appears to have stopped for my customers that have reverted back to Just got a report from a customer with FMP Some vague details:. Went away from the computer. Thank you for the crash reports.

The crashed thread Thread 0 in both reports are consistent with the other reported crash reports. I have attached your post and crash reports to the original issue. When more information becomes available, I will post again. Until this issue is addressed, please revert back to FileMaker Pro Testing confirms this crashing issue occurs only under macOS High Sierra Can you provide us a download link for FMP It’s also confirmed that this crashes happened with FMP Advanced Customer experienced 5 crashes over the last 2 working days.

I will advice my customer to run Apple Disk Utility. I recommend to run YASU for Mac a maintenance tool to help to clean temp files – caches – prebinding etc. Whats the progress on this? Has a download of TSGal: We also have crash issues. I can attach log file if it helps. I am experiencing crashes with Windows 7 Professional and Advanced My Customer is experiencing crashes with Never experienced a crash on 15 Advanced on either OS.

Have a client experiencing the same type of issue on Windows. Definitely no PlugIn involved. I also spot a issue with “Scrolling” in your report. To ensure it is the same issue, please post the crash report up to and including the crashed thread probably Thread 0.

The crashed thread Thread 0 is consistent with the known I have attached your post to the original report.

Your crash is much different, as the crash is occurring with FileMaker Pro What actions were you or the client performing at the time of the crash? Is the crash reproducible?

The Mac crash report is consistent with the known I have also attached your post to the original report. This issue only occurs on macOS High Sierra Since you mentioned crashing with FileMaker Pro What steps did you take before getting the crash?

Are you able to reproduce the crash? We are in the process of trying to find what is causing. Will let you know when we are able to find a commonality or what was being performed. I was debugging a script at the time so I had several things open. It did occur as I switched focus to another window though. I installed debugDiagx Identifier: com. Attached is an nfo file for the machine with the most frequent crashes. Also crashing under Sometimes when I am working in scripts.

Not yet clear when and where.. Also crashed under Will pay closer attention as to what I was doing next time. I’ve got the same problem, filemaker often crashed since the new update. Your post has also been attached to the original report. The reported crash issue only occurs under macOS High Sierra The next time your get a crash, post the crash report up to and including the crashed thread. To verify this is the same issue, the next time this occurs, post the crash report up to and including the crashed thread.

I also have a user reporting frequent crashes. This happened on Do you know what the client was doing at the time of the crash? The crashed thread Thread 0 shows a script was referencing a portal or related set of records.

They layout has several buttons, button bars, slide panels, portals, text boxes, and fields. I believe they clicked a button that initiates a script. The script uses SQL and opens several new windows that have single pane slide panels that are conditionally hidden from the user.

It creates records and fills them out in these windows and also edits some existing records. If so, our Development and Testing departments would like to see the solution to determine the cause of the crash. I have sent you a private message with instructions where to send the file. We too seem to be having the same problem on the individuals that updated to Not sure if more crash logs help at all, but I am attaching one from me and one from another user. The three crash logs from “C-Davis” are consistent with the I quit, then relaunched FMP, but am still crashing, in all sorts of scenarios:.

Tried the Quit command in the dock menu, the File drop down menu, using Command Q Finally had to do a force quit, even though that option didn’t appear in the dock menu. The longest period of time without crashes seems to be about 5? This is making me crazy.

Does this mean that the file is backed up to Dropbox or that the file is being modified while stored on Dropbox? Another user reported an issue when working on a file stored on Dropbox here:.

Memory leak with FMPro 14? As a refresher, I’m having the crash problem with two databases created in FMP: One that uses containers contents stored in external folder ; one that has no container is data only. Haven’t tried either solution from outside Dropbox since I’ve always launched FMP files from inside, keeping my laptop and office computer “on the same page.

The new data-only solution was created specifically to take advantage of the way mobile devices can now export FM directly into FMGo from the Dropbox mobile app. If launching from inside Dropbox is a problem, it could be a deal killer for both solutions.

Is this a known bug given the fact it never caused problems in FMP 12 or 13? It doesn’t make any sense to use a FMP file in a dropbox folder. Imagine, each time the fiel changes, dropbox must sync it, probably locking it. But there’s something even worse. If another user use the same files. So he modifies something, then dropbox as to sync to your file you’re actually using.

So you shall not use a file that’s inside a dropbox folder that is being synched! And that’s the case for all files, not only Filemaker’s. That’s one of the reasons I’ve remained with FM all these years.

No problems “playing nice” with Dropboxthus, my earlier question about this being a known bug. Regardless of what worked in the past, this was never tested to work, and working on a file in this manner could lead to corruption.

You should completely avoid OS level file sharing and making changes to a file on a network shared drive like Dropbox. I do that with Filemaker 13 all the time with no issue. What you do not want to do is try to use Drop Box to share the database with other users who also open the file from the same drop box folder.

You can use Save a Copy to send back up copies to a drop box folder for example. If this only happens when working on a file on Dropbox, then seriously consider changing your workflow to include backing up to Dropbox only.

As Vincent L points out thank you this is not specific to FileMaker files but any program that constantly saves changes.

If I try and launch the admin console locally on the machine it crashes with this error. If I go to my laptop Any ideas for getting it to work locally on the Machine. Follow the instructions in this article to resolve this issue:. Once running the most current version of FileMaker Server 11 with the patch applied, then the Admin Server process should be stable and the Admin Console able to launch. If the above article’s steps do not lead to a resolution, please post back and we can discuss further troubleshooting.

I have already completed this patch update over the weekend. It gets to the last part part where I click the box that says, ” Except all application from “localhost” with this signature”. An update is planned for FileMaker Server 17 in November One of the issues reported is when the Send Mail function launches the Mail app instead. Other issues listed down by FileMaker include slow response when navigating Script Workspace and graphical issues during the button bar setup dialog, customizing the status toolbar and editing a custom value list.

The issues noted in FileMaker Server include the crashing web publishing engine and non-responsive web server with PHP enabled. FileMaker was not able to provide solutions to these issues, so users have to wait for the promised November update to get everything sorted out. But before you do anything else, make sure to back up your files in case something happens. You also need to make sure that your Mac is performing at its best to avoid further problems. Take note that some of these solutions might work for others and not for some.

If nothing really works for you, you can either wait for the official November update or upgrade your FileMaker Pro to the latest version to get rid of all these issues once and for all.


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