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Microsoft outlook 2016 keeps asking for password free download.”Enter User Name and Password” keeps popping up in Outlook 2016

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Microsoft outlook 2016 keeps asking for password free download

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It just pops back up as soon as we type in the username and password. We noticed that it tries to connect to these addresses: officecom ›

Microsoft outlook 2016 keeps asking for password free download

Now I can easily open my password protected Outlook mails without any hassle.


How to Fix It When Outlook Keeps Asking for a Password


You may also already be running newer versions of Outlook or Outlook If both conditions are true,it is highly recommended that you use the Outlook keeps asking for my password diagnostic to troubleshoot issues in which Outlook continually prompts for a password. This diagnostic does automated checks and returns possible solutions for you to use to try to fix any detected issues.

If you are connecting to an Exchange On-Premises mailbox, see the following articles for additional troubleshooting:. If you have an older version of Outlook, change the Logon network security setting to Anonymous Authentication to fix this issue. To do this, follow these steps:. Click Show Profiles , select your Outlook profile, and then click Properties. To locate and view the registry setting for Anonymous Authentication in the Outlook profile, follow these steps.

Modifying the Outlook profile by using the “Profiles” registry path is not supported and may cause your Outlook profile to be in an unsupported state. Follow the steps in this section carefully. Serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Before you access it, back up the registry for restoration in case problems occur. Select the first subfolder , and then examine the data of the Account Name binary value by double-clicking the value.

For example, the Account Name value points to guidopica contoso. It represents a GUID for example, c3 d1 9a 7b 80 1b c4 4a 96 0a e5 b6 3b f9 7c 7e. Under the subfolder that you found in step 7, examine the d0d binary value.

It represents a GUID for example, 5f cf d5 f1 ba 5c 6f 45 b3 57 cc 5e 0d 16 94 Under the subkey found in step 9, examine the value of the binary value. This value determines whether Outlook is using Anonymous Authentication. Feedback will be sent to Microsoft: By pressing the submit button, your feedback will be used to improve Microsoft products and services. Privacy policy. I just upgraded from Office Pro to Office Pro and suddenly my Exchange account kept prompting for password.

Prompted for password once more and this time it received it, no more promptings. I then turned Encryption back on and it’s fine. Come back and mark replies as answer if they help, and help others with the same problem. If this post is helpful please vote it as Helpful on the left side. You have to log into your Office. It’s not the password you enter when logging in normally or online. I had to do the same for my Xbox account once MFA was activated which was much worse because I couldn’t copy and paste the password and had to use the controller to enter it.

Blog Facebook Twitter. Basics: My mailbox was migrated from Exchange to O a few days ago. This evening, I was prompted to change my work password which I did from my work laptop.

For my work laptop – everything worked fine. Personal PC on a lab domain had the issue : Outlook connecting to my work email using work domain credentials. Outlook prompted for password as it should but would never take. Found this Thread: Closed Outlook. I updated the password and saved.

I Opened Outlook and all is working fine. Using the primary email instead of the alias worked for me. The alias used to work fine but occasionally got into a state where it kept re-prompting for the password. Today I gave up and deleted the account and re-added it with the primary email and it worked. It does display the alias in Outlook which is what I want. This is backwards from your situation, Candreva. For testing purposes, you should read this article:. Add to that list, adding your enterprise outlook account to the microsoft mail app on your work computer.

I did this a few days ago for testing purposes and today my outlook went really pear shaped, had to remove my account completely from the mail app. In this case, it basically means to use your email address. At our company that takes the form of Firstname. Windows 10 shutdown from the start menu may not work as it hibernates the computer to make it appear that it starts up faster from shutdown. Then again, I think it also signs you out so maybe it will work. Changing the AD password may help too instead of clearing credentials as that causes the new password to overwrite the one that’s there.

Exit back, and there should now be an orange circle On with an exclamation point. Open up Outlook. If the Inbox does not populate, then open up your email settings and make sure that your gmail User ID and Password are entered correctly. I have this problem with Exchange Outlook clients prompt for password upon launch. Prior versions of outlook and do not do this in testing. It’s only This is impacting our deployment plans for Office In the event that this reply goes to the bottom of this feed, here is what the instructions were:.

Office Office Exchange Server. Not an IT pro? Resources for IT Professionals. Sign in. United States English. Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums. Answered by:. Archived Forums. Outlook IT Pro Discussions. This forum is for general questions and feedback related to Outlook all versions as they pertain to the IT Pro community. Sign in to vote. I have Microsoft Office Pro Plus through a community college that uses office and I am getting a need password every time I go into outlook on my primary computer but on my surface 3 and my developer computer it works fine I have tried the Microsoft office recovery program that is supposed to fix this issue with outlook I have had these issues before but not as bad because normally the program will fix itself after I use the recovery program The thing is I have my student email syncing into outlook through the exchange server through office Any help would be much appreciated.

Sunday, October 25, AM. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact tnmff microsoft. Tuesday, November 10, AM. Delete it. In fact, you can delete all the entries in Generic Credentials if you like. If it asks for a password, enter the password and check for it to remember the password.

A new entry will be created in the credential vault with your latest login and password. Problem solved. Monday, October 26, PM. Wednesday, January 13, PM. Still drawing a blank.

Tuesday, January 19, PM. This sounds totally stupid, but it appears it was an issue with a credential sync between the user’s laptop and the local AD. I found out in the end that the user had changed their password this morning and it just somehow hadn’t sync’d with local AD from the laptop. A simple reboot was all it took to correct the problem.

Yea that’s not the problem here RD We have this impacting every user – not an isolated user as in your case. Thursday, January 21, PM. Tuesday, February 2, PM. Hi Clark, Thanks for the tip. Thank you!! Thursday, February 4, PM. Close your outlook. Click on Windows Credentials. Find entry for your email account and click on Edit. Open Outlook and when you prompted to enter credentials — enter password and click on Save Password.

Monday, February 8, PM. Saved credentials in the credentials manager is not the problem here. I have no saved credentials at all. But thanks for the suggestion. It was the first thing I thought of myself when troubleshooting. Tuesday, February 9, PM. We use basic authentication with a Load Balancer in front of our Exchange Servers.

Proposed as answer by mdaas Friday, March 3, AM. Monday, February 15, PM. Tuesday, February 16, PM. Friday, February 19, AM. What is the UPN? Tuesday, February 23, PM.

I’ve experienced the same thing in my office. The first question I’d like to ask is, do you have Skype for Business set to automatically start when you boot your computer? I’ve had two users have this credential prompt issue, the moment I closed out their Skype program, had them re-enter their credentials, they were no longer prompted. I had them restart their Skype program and it continued to work properly.

I found this thread looking to see if others were having the same issue. This just started in the last 3 weeks. Friday, February 26, PM. Wednesday, March 9, PM. I originally No good. Proposed as answer by muscleflex Wednesday, June 6, AM. Sunday, April 24, PM. In case it helps anyone else: I tried a lot of these things but it turned out to be an old shared calendar SharePoint list asking for the O login – I don’t need the calendar anymore so just deleted it – login prompts went away Rick Nelson.

Tuesday, April 26, PM. Here however is the correct fix after long time of looking You likely have thse two registry settings:. Proposed as answer by willstay Thursday, January 24, AM. Friday, May 6, PM. Thursday, June 9, PM. This fixed it for me. Tuesday, June 28, PM. That forum article applies to Outlook In Outlook , I dont see one of the tabs it refers to under more settings, and I still have the problem.

Sunday, July 17, PM. This was useful! Scenario: Windows 10, Office Skype for Business configured to start automatically Skype and Outlook work fine; when the computer drifts off to sleep, and you authenticate back into Windows, OUtlook prompts for credentials If Skype for Business is NO T running automatically, and you repeat the above, Outlook doesn’t request credentials.

Any root causes? Running July updates for Outlook and Skype for Business. Thursday, July 21, PM. Thanks Bodsworth, this fixed my issue. I tried every other suggestion and nothing worked. Tuesday, July 26, AM. This killed my PST file and now corrupt. Tuesday, July 26, PM. It’s a straight forward fix. Friday, September 9, PM. I have windows 10 with Office , Following did not work: I tried to delete my outlook profile created a new one!

Deleted Credentials from Credential manager! Profile Security Settngs enhancements, Annoymous logins selection. Regards, Nipun. Wednesday, September 14, PM. I cant believe how long its taken me to find this answer, but am so thankful for it!!! Thanks Again. Tuesday, September 20, AM. Hi, The problem is AD side! You need to change users logon names to make them match with their email addresses.

Then you need to change the logon name to make it match the email address. Thursday, September 29, AM. I had this issue for a few weeks after enabling Outlook Anywhere.

Some network captures were showing permission errors with autodiscover. Monday, October 10, AM. Strangely enough this solution worked for me. Tuesday, November 1, AM. Sunday, November 20, AM. Hi, I have the same scenario, and we are working with the last november release, we tried the old realeases.

Sunday, November 20, PM. Friday, November 25, AM. Monday, November 28, AM. Many thanks Bilboswagins – my IT people could not fix this but your solution worked. Tuesday, December 13, AM. Hi all, I had been being pestered by Outlook to provide my credentials every few minutes Outlook , Windows 10 , Exchange Prior to finding this thread, I tried many suggestions without success, including blowing away the user profile!

Then I changed my AD password, which worked. I wish I had thought to try that first! Friday, December 16, AM. You are grate Bilboswagins , this fix my problem Edited by bbr Tuesday, January 3, PM. Tuesday, January 3, PM. I did exactly the opposite – I’ve unchecked the data encryption and Outlook stopped asking for credentials : Thanks for the hint. Monday, January 16, PM. Which one of them is so terrible and killed your PST?

Tuesday, January 24, PM. Thursday, February 9, AM. I’ve only recently started getting this problem, since I’ce started having Outlook locking up, due to COM Add-ons being disabled, as Outlook thinks they slow the system down.

Trying to disable all the COM add-ons, but now keep getting asked to enter my security password. Tried the deleteing credentials thing on here, but to no avail, STILL getting this problem each time I open Outlook , even tho I tell it to remember them all the time.

Saturday, February 25, PM. Friday, March 3, AM. I can access my e-mails if i use a browser and goto the live. This is not a good program at all, too many problems since all the e-mail accounts were converted to the new format. Tuesday, March 7, AM. I have Microsoft Office Pro Plus through a community college that uses office and I am getting a need password every time I go into outlook on my primary computer but on my surface 3 and my developer computer it works fine I have tried the Microsoft office recovery program that is supposed to fix this issue with outlook I have had these issues before but not as bad because normally the program will fix itself after I use the recovery program The thing is I have my student email syncing into outlook through the exchange server through office Any help would be much appreciated So a bit late for answer but Try this Monday, March 13, PM.

This solution of going into Credential Manager, and typing over the passwords worked for me. I had tried to delete them, and other steps in this article.

We’ve only seen this issue in Windows 10, and we usually do a Full Online Repair, and then create a new Profile to fix it. Typing over the password is much easier! Proposed as answer by fixfinder Tuesday, April 4, AM.

Tuesday, April 4, AM. Thursday, April 6, AM. I had this problem and it’s now fixed, the issue was the application password option. Your normal password will work fine in the web view Using the application password and not your normal email password solved it for me. Sunday, April 23, AM. I have run the MS Support and recovery assistant for office that you can download. Selected the option for password prompting and all checked out apart from one issue.

Tuesday, April 25, PM. Saturday, April 29, PM. Hi Clark, Thanks a lot for your post. It works!! Regards, Nithiya. Thursday, May 4, AM. Worked like a charm. Tuesday, May 9, PM. Thursday, May 11, PM. Cox 1. We had the exact same issue and here is the solution – works every time! Thanks, DC.

Friday, May 12, PM. Bilboswagins There are no XML files in that directory or any of its sub-directories. Running Outlook Edited by mmast Tuesday, May 30, AM. Tuesday, May 30, AM. This worked perfectly for me. Tuesday, May 30, PM. I get back to Generic credentials and edit the newly created entry and reenter user name. This solve the problem for me. Saturday, June 10, PM.

I had just discovered add a UPN solution on my own before I got down this far in the messages. I solved it when I realized although it passed using Microsoft Remote Connectivity Test Which asks you for the user name it kept failing when setting up Outlook which doesn’t ask for a user name but would keep popping up an authentication window showing the email address as the user name by default.

Friday, June 16, PM. Spot on, thank you Clark Kent! Monday, June 26, PM. Outlook is working fine again. Tuesday, June 27, PM. I’de the same problem. In my case the only solution was: 1 Remove office account from Outlook 2 Unistall office 3 Reinstall office 4 Recreate office account on Outlook. Tuesday, July 11, PM. Thank you – this worked for me, but there was an auto-generated hidden folder called 16 that I had to rename as well as the xml file: i.

Wednesday, July 19, PM. I face the same problem. Worst is outlook is not connecting with my yahoo mail in the setup. Please tell me have you solved your problem. Saturday, July 22, AM. Thursday, August 24, PM. This solution was spot on when all others failed. Saturday, September 30, AM. To get rid of this error follow these steps. Proposed as answer by rnenjoy Friday, October 13, PM.

Wednesday, October 4, PM. This worked for me! Friday, October 13, PM. Thursday, October 19, AM. I have another account same setup, no issue. Saturday, October 21, AM.

The PDF opens, but the credential prompt immediately follows and despite what you type at it, it will not go away until you stop and restart Outlook The outlook version is Monday, October 23, PM.

I’ve also seen this with just one email account. Of course it doesn’t happen on all computers running , just some as with the other long technet issue i’m following where cached mode will sometimes just not update even though online mode works fine. I want to click the “Report as Abuse” button and report Outlook as abuse for all of us! Wednesday, October 25, PM. Edited by ponyandcarriage Friday, October 27, PM. Friday, October 27, PM.

Wednesday, November 1, PM. Tuesday, November 14, AM. This worked for me. Wednesday, November 15, PM. I had the same issue. Monday, November 20, PM. Tuesday, November 28, PM. It was prompting for credentials and would not seem to accept my Hotmail password.

Finally, I found a notification in another email account that I need to provide an App Password rather than my usual Hotmail password as I have 2-Step Verification turned on. All I had to do was go into my Account Settings on Outlook. From there, choose to “go beyond the basics” i. Create one, provide that password when prompted in Outlook for credentials.

Proposed as answer by Edwin. Castellanos Monday, January 15, PM. Wednesday, November 29, AM. Castellanos 0. Above response worked like a charm while trying to add a Live account to Outlook Edited by Edwin. Monday, January 15, PM. Tuesday, January 16, AM. Thanks, It worked. Thursday, January 25, PM.

Okay so first of all, I tried all the solution bellow, and then I finally figured out what was going on : You have to check one thing at first : If you are using two-step verification, DISABLE it on your Microsoft account and this will work! I suppose you can re-enable it, but only after you are connected! Hope this will help you! Thursday, February 15, AM. This solution worked for me.


Microsoft outlook 2016 keeps asking for password free download. Outlook continually prompts for your password when you try to connect to Microsoft 365

After you follow the first two tips, but still Outlook keeps prompting for password, that’s probably because the cached credentials are incorrect or corrupted. › The Outlook keeps asking for password problem in Outlook , , , , or any other version may occur due to various reasons, such as.

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