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Pinnacle studio 19 ultimate opinie free download. Pinnacle Studio 14


But it’s easy to find for still photos. Also, the thing malfunctions and crashes often. For example, When you edit a title, you see both your text on a “screen”, plus your text in a control panel. Frequently, if you edit the text directly on the screen, and save your changes, you can no longer preview the video. In other words, if you press Play to see how the title looks, the play head snaps to a random spot, and does not play. On the other hand, if you edit the text in the control panel, it generally continues to work fine.

To correct the problem, you need to quit the program and restart. And about the crashes, they happen at seemingly random times. So you have to restart. Sometimes I get a spinning wheel and the thing just hangs. Which requires starting the Task Manager to quit the program. To its credit, the program does a great job of saving its state, so when you restart, you are back exactly where you were. Still, it’s a huge time suck to have to restart several times a day.

Oh, here’s another thing Every time I want to export to a different format, I have to go get a new codec. I think because I have the Ultimate version, the new codecs are free, but why the heck aren’t they just built into the program in the first place? Why does my work need to be interrupted to go download stuff that should be in the program alredy.

On the plus side, the videos look good They really blew it with this program. I used to use Sony’s Vegas Studio Was happy with my old PROS: Was able to do some things faster than in older version, even without much practice using newer version. CONS: Editing screens and layout on the small side. Box size is misleading. It has one disk and the rest of the space is a folded up green screen thanks. Pinnacle still has problems when transitions are added between scenes.

Gave it 4 stars because user manual is difficult to follow. Hate it when the manual refers you to another page. A lot easier to “flip through” if it was a hard copy instead of electronic. I’ve been using Pinnacle Studio products for quite a few years. I started with version 9, and stopped upgrading after installing Studio 12 since there seemed to be too many problems plaguing the later versions.

I hoped that Studio version 16 Ultimate would be a different story, but I guess I was wrong. The program has very serious difficulties dealing with mpg video files taken with a digital camera. I have both a Sony digital camera for stills and videos, and a Sony Digital video camcorder. I used them both recently for a wedding, and uploaded the videos to the new Version 16 Ultimate. It became apparent immediately there was a problem rendering the mpg files from the digital camera.

Any effects change to an mpg clip performed on the timeline resulted in a red render line. In other words, the video clip won’t play. It took several attempts, but the only work around was to apply effects before adding the mpg clip to the timeline. Unfortunately, after making some timeline changes, all the mpg clips render lines turned red even though I did nothing to those clips. Now they won’t play video at all. You might ask what technical support at Corel the current owner of Pinnacle Studio programs had to say, but then I find they don’t offer any free support after 30 days.

As a matter of fact, the first 30 days free support is only for installation problems. I find it outrageous that I should have to pay them to ask why a bug in their program prevents me from getting my videos edited properly, especially since this problem wasn’t around in earlier versions. I found I also had to be careful deleting clips. Several times I highlighted and deleted a clip only to find several clips deleted.

Thank goodness for the Undo button. Once it took me 4 or 5 times to get the program to delete only the highlighted clip I wanted removed, and not take others with it. I’m incredibly disappointed in Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 16 so far, and can’t recommend it in the short time I’ve used it.

I wish I had recorded my experience dealing with this product so I could upload the video to YouTube – but I would have to use a different video editing software because I could never get Studio 16 Ultimate to work.

I had been using Studio 14 for about 18 months and it worked beautifully. Suddenly, a few days ago, the preview screen disappeared when I tried to edit in the timeline. I spent at least 3 hours trying to figure out what was wrong and reach someone who could tell me how to fix it. I got bounced around between Avid and Corel, the company that took over product support I learned some months ago. I decided not to fight it anymore and just buy a newer version so I could do a clean install.

I uninstalled the old Studio product and installed the 16 Ultimate I had just bought using a disc. It installed okay, but every time I tried to drag a video clip into the timeline, it stopped working.

Off I went trying to find someone who could tell me what to do, and ran into the same vexing, head-banging-against-the-wall situation as several days previously. Trying to figure out how to reach support was confusing. I found a webpage that said I would get a support verification number I could use for 14 days – but it was not in product registration email they sent me like they said it would be.

I found a page where I could request one – which, they said, could take up to 20 minutes to be delivered by email. It’s more than two hours later and no email has arrived. In summary, this was a frustrating experience that was only made worse when I ordered a trial version of Sony MovieMaker, which took less than 10 minutes to download, install and get functional.

I’m returning the Ultimate 16 disc to Amazon, and I’ll spend the rest of my day learning the Sony interface. I have more than 30 years experience working with video in local TV news and I know Avid has a great reputation for quality. Cancel Submit.

Hi Fernando, Welcome and thank you for posting your query in Microsoft Community. I can understand how frustrating it could be when things go unusual. I will certainly help you.

Do you get any error message or error code? Is the application compatible with Windows 10? Compatibility center. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. In reply to A. User’s post on October 1, Does It Work or not? In reply to AredamanJassal’s post on November 23, I did the same thing.. In reply to PeteHaworth’s post on December 15, Hello Pete, Thank you for your response.

I appreciate your time. Please follow these steps: a. The chroma keyer will be the subject of this tutorial. To summarize very briefly, a chroma keyer allows you, in post-production, to replace a color in a clip using an overlay. It wasn’t that long ago that we didn’t do too much with special effects. Rummaging through my personal archives, I found a clip that I modified with Studio I’m suggesting that we take the original clip and see what we can do with it in Studio This clip was shot on an adult sized airplane carousel ride.

The effect I’m proposing is simple, use the “Rotation” effect to make the occupants of the carousel ride do some quarter rolls before landing. Aerobatic specialists can certainly blame my lack of flying experience for not attempting an Immelmann To enhance your video we have already shown you how to insert animated gif in your videos, and add shapes, insert different talk bubble shapes in your videos or slideshows with fully customizable text that is easily movable.

This time, we offer three HFX plugins that allows you to insert different shapes of thoughts in your videos. You can even use multiple forms of thought in the same movie. With an open mind, you will find that your creativity has no limits This is suitable for commercial discs that only treat one subject the film , but not for us amateurs who generally deal with several themes in two hours of video: family holidays, travel etc.. So how?

No way: a tip will allow us to make introductions that lead to menus as many times as needed Lately, many users have been interested in making their first transition. I thought that with the many tutorials available online and the 8 integrated software tutorial lessons, everything had been published to get you started. But looking closer, I realized we were missing a comprehensive tutorial to address the construction of a transition totally from start to finish that could be useful later.

This tutorial is what I offer for you to learn. This tutorial teaches a step by step how to install a downloaded version of Pinnacle Studio 17 to your computer. If you’re like me, you have opted for a computer with an SSD drive in order to increase the operating speed of Windows.

You opted for a well known expensive brand but are still a bit nervous. And you have decided on a GB drive to reduce costs? Now you would like to free up some space, to install Pinnacle Studio over your previous versions of Avid Studio and Studio 17, 16, 15, 14?

This tutorial will teach you how to quickly and easily free up a lot of space on your hard drive as long as you have another data disk. Video walls are currently very fashionable and can present slideshows in an original way. Montage themes offer some possibilities but are still a bit too fast for my taste. I know that not everyone necessarily has the means to afford these specialized professional grade programs.

It is with them in mind that I provide this plugin that will allow you to easily make a video wall using HFX with just a little more time and a little more work. It is a plugin that lets you create a wall of nine moving images that each will take turns moving to the forefront of your presentation.

Once is not custom I propose today an extendable tutorial. Regularly or not I will grow this tutorial by adding a chapter. Each chapter is a pretty basic tip or trick that can be of great service for users of Pinnacle Studio and that I think little known to the users of Studio. On several occasions, users had problems fitting their photos into the montage thumbnails and looked for answers on the forums.

As usual, there are often several ways to achieve the same result. So in this tutorial I’ll give you another way to achieve this. To enhance your video we have already shown you how to insert animated gif in your videos and add shapes to attract the viewer’s attention. This time we offer a fully customizable HFX plugin that allows you to insert different talk bubble shapes in your videos or slideshows with fully customizable text that is easily movable.

We have received several inquiries from users as to whether it was possible and how to do it The question is basic and if you read the documentation, the answer is very simple.

There’s not any explanations, just simply open the ” File ” menu and click on the sub-menu ” Import previous Pinnacle Studio Projects “. But before we go any further, I wanted to see for myself If your videos look weird, if they seem to have been taken through the peephole in your door, then DeFishr is for you.

We propose an overview of the new proDAD’s software dedicated to correction of lenses or shots optical abberations. Unfortunately, this plugin that is very useful for those who have it, is no longer supported by newer versions of Studio.. Do not fret any longer as we will try to fill the void left by this unusable plugin by using other means at our disposal in the new versions of Studio. Recently in a news article I told you : “This tutorial is the latest in a series that has helped you gradually discover the wealth of possibilities in the AVID Studio title editor.

This was without taking into consideration the insight of some of our readers One of you wants to combine several motion effects in the same title and would like to know if this is possible. My first answer was yes because I had already done some testing of this possibility. But then, I had to dig a little deeper to support my answer and why not add a little more.

Most of you are familiar with the proDAD Heroglyph plugin. It is a professional titler that allows you to make credits, trailers, handwriting animations, etc But this new version of Heroglyph Pro V4 is nothing like what you have experienced before.

You can achieve endless creative possibilities with professional video titles, lower thirds, credits, travel routes, video walls, slideshows and handwriting animations with just this one plugin.

Its new user interface, greatly simplifies the user’s workflow and any changes to your projects are done on the fly, in real time, with live full resolution preview. Heroglyph 4. During the installation you are asked to install the plugin in all compatible versions of Studio installed on your PC. But this plug-in uses predefined titles for its effects.

If you look closely, you would see that proDAD itself prompts you to replace existing titles with your own title. But it leaves it to you to do so without giving you more information In a previous tutorial we saw that this effects editor had a few surprises in store for us. By testing these new features, I discovered a few tricks that I’d like to share with you. As we often get questions about keyframes, we would like to spend a little time on these famous keyframes which are often the basis of many operations in the Effect Editor.

This tutorial gives an example of an introductory video trip flying over the Earth, from start to finish. To finalize and resolve some problems we use an editing software as Pinnacle Studio. After completing our tutorial, you should have installed Pinnacle Studio 16 on your computer. In addition to the reported bug fixes, this new version has some new features that are not just marketing gimmicks.

These improvements provide the user with some real help when editing This tutorial explains step by step how to install the downloaded version of Pinnacle Studio version 16 in your computer. We have already extensively discussed in our previous tutorials all the wonderful opportunities offered by the new Studio versions Title Editor. This editor gives you all the ingredients needed to create a pseudo personalized montage theme. You will learn how to use and change templates, create map routes, use the handscript tool, create video walls, and make slideshows.

Probably, one of the oldest is the tutorial “Closing credits: Star Wars” because it was already on the old Declic-Video site.

Recently a tutorial that uses only Pinnacle Studio Ultimate V14 or above was published. So this time it’s Avid Studio or new Studio versions that does all the work. Then in another tutorial, we detailed the workings of the title editor. Today we are going to combine what we learned by using the title editor and menu publisher to create a video introduction, with sound, before your classic menu. Heroglyph V4 PRO has introduced various new features including a redesigned interface clearer, easier to use with tabbed browsing , real time preview as well as a projects wizard.

It is this last feature I propose to discover in this tutorial. After reading some comments here or on the forum of new Studio versions, it appears that the notion of library within Pinnacle Studio 16 or AVID Studio versions is handled with difficulties by some, especially in the early days of using the software. But only at first sight because this is not as complicated as it sounds!

Avid Studio 1. What if your favorite effects require changes every time you use them? It is not difficult to permanently change any preset and just as easy to create a new preset with its thumbnail library. This tutorial will show you how to do. In this page, we will present some of the best tutorials for Pinnacle Studio, done by a colleague named ” PinnacleStudio Pro “. Reserved for professionals having software authoring specialized? In principle yes! Nevertheless small trick revealed by Tiwa allows to make almost so much with Pinnacle Studio and the open source graphic software Gimp.

A complement in the tutorial ” an introduction leading to the menu ” gives a practical example of application. In the latest version of Pinnacle Studio we have already shown you the Motion Titles editor. New Pinnacle Studio versions have gone a step further with improved ergonomics for the title editor to make it a more powerful tool. With this editor, your creativity can lead to even greater achievements.

But like any newly developed tool, you need to get a better handle on it and some explanations are needed to tap into it’s full potential Over the years our computers are taking longer to boot, with increasing numbers of programs that slow down the loading time of Windows. This is an opportunity to see what we can do to regain control of the situation. Adorage Effects Pack Volume 13 offers hundreds of effects and transitions for various topics such as family, festivities, parties, anniversaries and of course Christmas and is available now.

With Full High Definition and bit support and plugins for best editing, it offers high quality effects, and execution is extremely fast for professional results. Adorage Volume 13 is a worthy successor to volume So read this tutorial which will tell you more Using a small presentation may be interesting to introduce a movie.

Then, why no lead it directly to an interactive menu that will allow access to different chapters of the movie. If you purchased Mercalli V2. On the other hand, if you intend to buy only the plugins for Studio, this is what to expect If you encounter an “Export Failure” when rendering your movie, you probably won’t understand the content of the message shown by Studio.

In the absence of this help from Studio, follow this tutorial created by an experienced user. You will find:. I wanted to step it up a notch by giving you the added element of choice and appreciation. Mercalli Easy is extremely easy to use since most everything is fully automated but this is not the case with Mercalli V2, which it would pay to get a better grip on because it is you who controls the software.

But with a little effort, greater results are waiting for you. And when you know that there are primarily just two important parameters and the rest is only adjustments, your natural apprehension should fade. The latest addition to the family of stabilizers proDAD range happened.

In , right out, I quickly opted for the purchase of the first stabilizer Mercalli plugin Studio, because I’m not a good cameraman and parasite movements during the shooting did not improve the quality of my rushes. It is therefore natural that I wanted to try Mercalli Easy to share with you my findings. Several calendar transitions have been available on our Free HFX page. We regularly prepare the Christmas and New Year calendar for you. But recently requests have been made to be able to highlight special personal dates.

So I thought I’d put you to work But this tutorial is the first that does not use any external plugin and uses only what is available to every owner of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate V14 or above. Last summer gg created the “flaming text” tutorial explaining how to set fire to a title displayed over a black background.

But one of our readers wants to do the same thing with a video So why not? Contour Design sells two devices called Shuttle that are programmable USB multimedia controllers specifically dedicated to audio and video applications.

I propose here a review of these devices. To be honest with you, I prefer to locate a scene with a visual cue rather than a title, it’s more sophisticated. Of the options available to you, there is one that can be done with your video, the entry or exit road sign of the town.

But if you did not film with this plan in mind, you are missing the needed parts and you now have a chance to make up for your oversight. You know that the Boris Graffiti styles palette is very broad. It includes many fonts, many colors, gradients, and various motifs and you can make any kind of title.

But one of our readers would like a transparent title No, this is not a joke Why not introduce your editing with a small muscular sequence to set the tone? This tutorial is very simple and is also for beginners Pinnacle Studio or new Studio version. This very easy tutorial in video shows you how to install Vitascene V2 on your computer and its utilisation in Pinnacle Studio, Avid Studio and new Studio versions. It’s the simple story of a conversation between friends. Recently a friend had wanted to customize a menu.

He finished most of the work but then ran into a little problem at the last minute. To troubleshoot the problem, I had made some screenshots Rotations and pivots aren’t seen very often in HFX software. I have long wondered why these parameters were used so little and I think I have found the answer. I am therefore going to review the use of these parameters in detail in order for you to understand them and show how you can use them once you understand their properties.

This is a recurring question: “How to apply a continuous Boris Graffiti effect on two clips that you can not combine because they are not adjacent? This tutorial will explain you how to create a “text effect” using chroma key and luma key. I propose in this tutorial to explain how avoid this bug by using ImgBurn. When you view the video, there are delays and jerks that make your life difficult? We have already published many HFX effects that employ multiple screens.

These four new effects have the common trait of containing a frame for each view. By design, the frame of each view is black but it’s very easy to change it to a white frame depending on the dominant color of the images. You’ll learn in this tutorial what is possible to achieve by applying to a simple title some of the Red Giant plugins for Studio 14 or Studio 15, AVID Studio as well as new Studio versions.

In a previous tutorial adaptation of an existing Boris Graffiti effect into a text transition , we saw how to create a text transition effect starting from an existing effect in the Library Browser of Boris Graffiti. Now, I will show you how to create a text transition effect from scratch. Creating this effect won’t take very long and it is not difficult, but it does require a good knowledge of keyframe manipulation that we detailed in our previous tutorials.

When I extolled the virtues of the “Swiss Army knife of video editing,” some readers were very curious. They would like to start learning HFX. But where to start? You know the principle of most Boris Graffiti effects : an effect reveals in one way or another a text on the screen and makes it disappear in the same reverse way or otherwise. In its library, “Library Browser”, Boris Graffiti also features 8 effects “Animated text transitions”. These effects show a first text, make it disappear then display a second text to finally make it disappear.

Such an effect is actually a transition between two texts but can also be likened, in some cases, to morphing. These effects are interesting and some of our readers would like to include them in their editing but they wonder with what software they can do it. I thought our Studio could do most of the work of course We often read that too much effects kill a movie.

I fully agree, but I love nice introduction. One beautiful and well placed effect can fulfill this condition. I propose this small tutorial to explain you how you can start your movie with a book which is opening and showing your video. I hope you do not believe everything that we want to make you see During your vacation you’ve certainly seen some beautiful countryside. So I’ll give you to choose, without polemics, between two pastoral landscapes and you will retain the one that best suits your mind.

In the first case, you will need to put your landscape on the video track of Studio, in the second case you will play the magicians by adding moving objects The keyframes in HFX allow animation of the different objects in the effect.

There are three types of keyframes : the linear keyframes,the spline curve keyframes and the value jump keyframes. The user guide of the software describes very well these types of keyframes, their use, saving and using of different envelopes with single value or multiple values. Furthermore, our tutorials already published on this page have already explored some concepts around keyframes and envelopes.

This tutorial discusses the three types of key frames and more particularly an aspect undocumented : the parameters of curve keyframes. In this tutorial, we will illustrate my point with the realization of a video transition in the form of smoke. On BluffTitler website, you can find many free shows available designed by many internet users.

We will see in this tutorial how to record and store these shows on your PC. This tutorial will show proDAD Heroglyph advanced functionnalities, and in particular how you can tilt a title. Indeed, menu “Tree View” is a way to tilt your title, as well as setting many parameters. Each time, I had stated in the tutorial : ” This file contains no preview or animation, unlike files.

GRF that are provided in the library of Boris Graffiti. It is therefore not advisable to copy in the library of Boris Graffiti, you would have neither the preview nor the animation of the effect “. So this tutorial will allow you to create your own preview and your animations in order to include your effects in the library of Boris Graffiti. In this article, you will find all quick fix that we know, with their direct download link, so you can benefit from it.

It start with S10 patch to S14 patch. Recently someone asked us why we could not change the name of the cameraman. How embarrassing Corny the author of this fine effect has no longer expressed long ago After a little reflection a solution has been made Join me as I review the steps needed. This tutorial gives you some indication of the parameters to implement. Feel free to modify it yourself. Creating a blur on the face of a moving person is a frequently asked question.

This effect is similar to what we sometimes see on the news or during some interviews where the face of a character is “hidden”.

We present here two methods for doing so. Hollywood FX is a virtually inexhaustible source of inspiration. And the 3D Text plugin, by itself, allows many customizations, so we have already created many tutorials.

You now know almost everything about using the “3D Text” plugin. I say almost everything because today, I am going to make you aware of a capability that isn’t covered anywhere else Studio allows you to create discs with menus. If you are curious and have been observant, you have certainly noticed that some menus include a little icon on the bottom right of the thumbnail.

Learn about Motion menu backgrounds If you’re tempted to map a video onto a text, follow step by step this new tutorial which helps you to create a fashionable effect, where letters in large extruded type appear to be carved from a block of stainless steel and reflect a video during their displacement If you make regular editing, it can happen you are temporarily short of inspiration to complete your clip.

This effect could possibly be your wild card to complete your work, failing to have found much better Files with the extension. Today, with new versions of Studio you can import and export video files.

Installation and optimization of the system are running Installation of Studio 17 and its Content Pack are finished. In all cases, complete the installation by pressing the “Done” button. The installation of add-ons really starts with the welcome and information window. Here is a new window license only for add-ons. You must accept the terms of this license agreement before proceeding with the installation; By clicking on the “View” button, the license will be displayed in your default text editor, so you can save the document; Continue the installation by clicking the “Next” button; Choosing the type of installation : Custom installation.

Complete installation As its name suggests, the complete installation will install all the add-ons. Click one of the 1 or 2 button.

With the Custom Installation window : You can select only the add-ons you want to install. After your selection, click the “Next” button. Everything is ready to begin installation. Click the “Install” button. The installation of the selected add-ons started. You see the names of the add-ons that are being installed.

Add-ons installation is completed. Pinnacle website access. Installation of Studio 17 and its Content Pack are finished. You must accept the terms of this license agreement before proceeding with the installation; By clicking on the “View” button, the license will be displayed in your default text editor, so you can save the document; Continue the installation by clicking the “Next” button;. Choosing the type of installation : Custom installation. Previous tutorials. Does scorefitter include any new music?

Compared to what comes with PS Great work on a fast turnaround Saby. What a team. Hello Graham, We will soon propose an article which summarize what is new and what is not. For Scorefitter, there is no new song. DV FX. Thank you for the prompt reply and I will try to hold my horses until you are ready.

Why did you install the content first? Hello Griffithb, It’s because this is the recommended way according to Pinnacle website explanation. Graham, After intensive test, there is nothing missing in S17 compared to S16 nothing really new neither, excepted minor correction. On the page that appeared after my order completed, the files were listed in a different order.

Mine was an upgrade download. The Bonus Content file was first, then the content file and after that the setup file. I ran the files in the more logical manner, as it would have from a disc Setup, Content, then Bonus Content. The program appears to work fine. Thanks for the tip to let the program build the libraries first.

I’m sure it saved a lot of time. Dear Griffithb, That’s correct, you are right regarding the order the file appear.

But it’s not the order than Pinnacle propose to install it if you follow the recommendations they provide. Glad it works well. Thanks, so what should I do? Buongiorno, nel momento in cui io vado ad installare il programma stesso, mi esce un messaggio DATABASE: “Impossibile caricare la tabella “LounchCondition” nella query SQL:Select “condition”, “description” from “lounchcondition” E questo anche dopo aver rimosso la prima installazione

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